Jardim Zoologico de Lisboa

Hello folks,

So today I thought I would share a photo gallery of my trip to Jardim Zoologico de Lisboa aka Lisbon Zoo. Some of the pictures are already shared in my Instagram, but I want them to be here too.

I dedicate this post to all animal lovers, and I have no idea the name of some animals in the pictures. Hope you enjoy!





Peek a Boo!!!


Innocence <3


Busy Performing in front of the Humans!

Thank You!

Hello There !!

True Love! 

Welcome Animal Lovers!

Why are you staring at me??

Sleep, Eat , Repeat!

Om nom Om nom

Unity is Strength!

Idle Mode : ON



Sad face!

He don’t like to pose!

The group of Flamingo in different poses! 

Some Flora! <3

Finally he posed ! 

Climbing his way to Success! 

Again Flora!

Whats Up? – The Monkey 

He was trying to show me the MJ pose!


On Top of the world munching!

Finally I met Yogi Bear!

Yogi bear is enjoying his shower!! 🙂

Motherhood! (Belated Happy Mother’s day)

He is busy checking the quality of the grass!

Last but no least, The Big Cat! 🙂


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