The Lip Colours Of My Life : Part One – The Nudes

Hello my beautiful people, Thank you so much for the warm response for my previous post!

Today I wish to discuss some lip colour stories with you. People who know me personally know very well that I am a lipstick freak! In fact, I have a vast lipstick collection. In this series I would like to share some of my favourite nude lipsticks (or nudes) – the ones l I love the most, from amongst my collection!

To start with my skin tone shade is MAC NC 42. When it comes to nudes, the shades you choose may vary according to the tone of your skin. This has happened to me – in fact, some shades look quite washed out on my face. So, be careful while you choose your nudes! I would suggest you go try and buy when it comes to nudes – so that you don’t end up making the same mistake, I made! 😊😊

Enough talk – lets move on to the list of our babies! ❤️ I will share hand swatches to show the lipsticks I have.

Here are some nude shades in total from my favourite brands❤️

1.MAC Matte Lipstick – Taupe

This glide-on, smooth lipstick gives you an awesome finish, and lasts pretty-good 🙂 It is bit expensive! C’mon its MAC! 😛

MAC Matte Lipstick – Taupe

2. ColourPop Ultra Satin and Ultra Blotted Lip shades.

Everyone close to me knows how crazy I am about ColourPop and their products 🙂 I love their lip colours, their eye- shadows, and their concealers. They do a great job in making these products! (Do let me know if you need a review on their concealers).

The Ultra satin lipstick gives you a satin matte finish, it lasts long on lips but it transfers (i.e. it gets lost when your lips get in contact with other objects). That being said, it is very comfortable on the lips. 🙂

The Ultra blotted lip range gives you that blotted lip look, which is very light on lips, and dries to matte. It is also transfer proof! Which means that, you don’t have to worry about lipstick getting stained on your glass when you drink from it! <3

The shade strip actually looked washed out on my lips 🙁 But you cant waste a lippe like that, can you? 😉 So, what I do is to mix shades to get a different shade. I mix it with another dark shade to achieve a new shade 🙂

Pro-tip: Always play with shades to get new ones thats what artist do 😉

The ColourPop Lip Shades

3. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick – creme cup

This is an awesome, budget-friendly lip colour, which is highly pigmented and gives a smooth finish, even though it claims matte – it is more on the creamy side. 🙂

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick – Creme Cup

4.Nykaa Cosmetics

I love three shades from their variety of lip range. The three are :

Their advantage is that they are easily available and affordable 🙂 They are also more on the creamy matte side.

Nykaa Cosmetics ( Unfortunately I couldnt find my taupe thrill lipstick) 🙁

5. PAC Lip color PAN – 13

They come in small pans. They are highly pigmented and long lasting. However, you need a magnetic pallette to keep them, since they come in single pans. Alternatively, you may actually preserve the plastic cover it comes with  – that would be a nifty way to store them. I almost forgot – you would need a brush to apply them . to your lips. 🙂

PAC Lip color PAN – 13

Thats all for my favourite nudes.There are are lot other shades available in the market with different finishes.

I really hope you liked them! 🙂 In fact, there are several other shades, apart from nudes, which I love to wear everyday. I will share about them in my next post! 🙂 I have added links to these products, so that you can try them directly.

I’m reminding you once again, when it comes to nude lipsticks, always try them out with your skin tone, to avoid washout looks!

Here’s a quick tip before saying bye – if you ever get light shade by accident, use a dark shade lip-liner under your lip colour, to blend it. This will help you in achieving a better finish, and save the lovely lippie from being wasted! 🙂 

See you next time! 🙂

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Everything I know about beauty blenders

Disclaimer : All the content I share in this blog are my personal opinions gained out of experience. Others may have differences in opinion. 

After a short break Im back to blogging! This time I’m sharing some of my Make up knowledge through this platform. To start with I thought I’ll share some of my experiences with some blender sponges.

To begin with, everyone of us who loves make up, would always prefer for a flawless base. The first challenge is always finding the right foundation shade for your skin tone, The second one will most probably be blending them correctly for a flawless finish.

I have tried many sponge blenders to achieve the finish.

What is a beauty blender ?

Let me give you a brief idea about what a sponge blender is, and what its uses are. While using a brush/hand to apply the product on your skin, there might be chances of getting streaks. However, a sponge blender, on the other side gives a more perfect finish. You can use these sponges to apply moisturisers, tinted moisturisers, primers, foundations, and even use them for contouring and highlighting. There are different kinds of blenders available in the market and which come in different shapes serving different purposes.

How to use a beauty blending sponge?

You can use a blending sponge for either wet or dry application. For Wet application , expose the blender to running water or dip it in a bowl of water till its completely saturated. Then, squeeze the water out completely. Now, the blender will become double the size. Please make sure it is damp. Now, you may use this to apply foundation on your skin. Apply the product (foundation) using a dabbing motion (by gently pressing it into the skin), never try to wipe the product onto your face using a sponge. For dry application, please use the sponge directly on to the face, using the same motion. 🙂


  • You get an even and flawless finish if applied in the correct method.


  • It sucks up the product more compared to a brush ( yeah after all its a sponge) , especially when used with dry application method.

Cleaning the blender :

You can use make up brush cleansing soap/ liquids to clean these, they need to be cleaned often as they suck up a lot of product. Some of the blender brands come up with their own preferred cleaning liquids.

Now, let me share some of my experience using some of the beauty blenders I have tried.

The Original Beauty Blender :

This is the original beauty blender – which started the revolution of blending sponges. This is the most preferred blender of all time, it iss the softest one I have tried. For wet application, it turns squishy and very soft. It also gives the perfect finish. The original beauty blender also comes in different sizes and shapes for different purposes. They also provide reusable bloating sponges called Blotterazzi, which suck up all the oil in my T Zone. These blenders come in attractive colours.



The original beauty blender ( Mine is a bit dirty :P)

Pros : The best sponge!! <3

Cons : it’s very expensive.


Buy the original beauty blender here

PAC Ultimate Beauty Blender:

This blender is one of my favourites, as it is somewhat close to the original beauty blender when it comes to application and blending. The awesome part is that you get two sponges with a mesh to protect them , two of them are of different shapes which serve for blending foundation, highlighting, baking, contouring etc. It doubles up the size and shrinks back to original size when it dries.They also have mini blenders for the purpose under eye concealing and blending. They come in two colours ( Red & Black)


PAC Ultimate Beauty Blender (Tear Drop Shape)

I couldn’t find the other blender 😛 but Ill post the link below to for checking out the product.

Pros : Cheap and good quality.

Cons : I couldn’t find any.


Buy the PAC Ultimate Beauty Blender here

PAC Ball Beauty Blender Sponge:

This comes in a ball shape and I use it for blending and becomes really huge when its wet and blends really well. Since its shape, it cannot reach corner areas. I mainly use it to blend and use to pick up extra product on the face.


PAC Ball Beauty Blender Sponge Black

Cons : little expensive for a single blender


Buy the PAC Ball Beauty Blender Sponge here

 Makeup Revolution Advanced Complexion Expert – Soft

This a sponge by the brand make up revolution , it comes in special shape that can be used for contouring and highlighting and helps blending well.


Makeup Revolution Advanced Complexion Expert – Soft

Pros : It’s cheap and multipurpose.

Cons : Cannot be found easily. I got it from Tambeauty which ships internationally.


Buy the Makeup Revolution Advanced Complexion Expert – Soft here 

Other Sponges I love :

Thats all I know about the blenders <3 Hope you liked the post, Ill come up with more such contents soon !! Feel free to comment your opinions and