Some New Generation thoughts! 

Disclaimer : This post isn’t intented to offend anyone, this is based on experiences from certain people I met in my journey called life. Just writing down my thoughts.

To begin with, I am always thankful to my parents for raising me, and for giving me the best education.

I always wonder why our elders use the term “New Generation” to address the present day youngsters. Why such a term? Well, I have a few thoughts , they may be right or wrong 🙂 They are purely based on my experiences.

You belong to the “New Generation” If and only if :
1. You follow your dreams against your parents will. (The truth is that, no matter how much you try, they will always torture /demotivate you.) 

2. You hate the basic hypocrisy of the society (like me).

3. You are not a daughter in law who gives her mother in law foot massages.

4. You can’t take family drama.

5. You love a man younger to your age (or even worse: you love a person of the same sex).

6. You haven’t walked at least 10 km to school or college or work.

7. If you openly speak the truth, and do not know how to impress or please those drama queen aunties.

8. You openly speak about menstruation and sex.

9. If you are a man who hates patriarchy, or loves your wife more than your parents. (Poor thing! I pity you already! :P)

10. Last but not least, if you scroll through your phone screen while having a conversation.

Well, I’m 26 years old, I still don’t understand why elders call it a ‘new generation’. In a way it’s a kind of ego satisfaction for them, by using such terms to address people,  and by showing an aversion to what the present-day youngsters achieve in their life.

Why do they make it a bad term or a stereotype by calling a person new generation?

Posting advises on Facebook addressing, “For the New Generation” doesn’t make you great, it shows your narrow minded attitude.
Always spread the love.