Some friends are family :)

I know Mrinal since school days, but we never spoke.We were in same tuition class for chemistry, where, he used to sit in the front bench, while I used to sleep in the back bench, right under the air conditioner.😎

We were in the same class for engineering , well again, we never spoke. He was the star photographer of our class. It took us two more years, to slowly get to know each other – and thus started the friendship of a lifetime!

We had combined studies for university exams. In the final year, we did our projects together; and that made us really close to each other.

Mrinal is a truly talented guy and a blessed photographer. He has given me a lot of tips and tricks for clicking pictures.📷

He has always stood by me in my tough times. He is the one who helped me to find my partner for life (the husband).
He is always more than a friend, and a soul brother. His family has always supported me, through thick and thin. His place, is my second home 🙂

Its been a long journey with you, and I am always happy and proud of you for your achievements! I assure you, that Hari and I will always be with you… no matter what 🙂

As they say some friends are family 🙂 and you are my family 🙂 I am thankful to you throughout my life 🙂

Always ❤️