Two years of Happiness! :)

2 years of successful marriage 🙂 and 3+ years of beautiful friendship 🙂 As we celebrate our happiest wedding anniversary today, I would like to share some happiness with you as well 😉 
We have known each other since 2013, we have been the best of friends since then. Even though both of us were victims of shitty relationships in the past, we always say (and believe) that everything happens for good 🙂 
Our love story started as a rebound, and grew to become the best thing that happened to us 🙂 You may feel this post is cheesy – but, believe me – we’re just sharing facts! Yes, truth is more interesting than fiction!

Today, we successfully completed two years of a healthy and peaceful relationship. I would like to share a few things about us, which we worked out during these two years, after a lot of mistakes and hardships 🙂
– Hari is the best man I can ever get. This is not to flatter him, but he is blessed with this emotion called Empathy, which helps me a lot 🙂

– People comment that I’m lucky to have a husband who supports me to follow my passions. Well yeah , Im lucky 🙂 But, I would say that he is luckier to get me 😋

– And when you say tht I’m blessed to have such a beautiful marriage, I would say in return that, you get nothing in the world for free. We both worked equally hard to reach where we are now 😉 

– For a successful and happy marriage, you shouldnt complain about your partners’ flaws, which I have seen some people do. 

– Always keep your priorities, also draw boundaries outside your personal space. Do nit let others into your private space, and that includes parents 😉

– Respect each others’ privacy but share everything (thoughts)  with each other 🙂 

On this wedding anniversary all I wanna say is that I love you more (we still do have a competition on that!). With each day passing by, and make me proud and happy more than anyone could do 🙂

Happy Anniversary 🙂

2 down! Forever to go 🙂 

I love you 🙂

Some friends are family :)

I know Mrinal since school days, but we never spoke.We were in same tuition class for chemistry, where, he used to sit in the front bench, while I used to sleep in the back bench, right under the air conditioner.😎

We were in the same class for engineering , well again, we never spoke. He was the star photographer of our class. It took us two more years, to slowly get to know each other – and thus started the friendship of a lifetime!

We had combined studies for university exams. In the final year, we did our projects together; and that made us really close to each other.

Mrinal is a truly talented guy and a blessed photographer. He has given me a lot of tips and tricks for clicking pictures.📷

He has always stood by me in my tough times. He is the one who helped me to find my partner for life (the husband).
He is always more than a friend, and a soul brother. His family has always supported me, through thick and thin. His place, is my second home 🙂

Its been a long journey with you, and I am always happy and proud of you for your achievements! I assure you, that Hari and I will always be with you… no matter what 🙂

As they say some friends are family 🙂 and you are my family 🙂 I am thankful to you throughout my life 🙂

Always ❤️


Welcome 2017!


2016 was a beautiful year indeed. It gave us (my husband and I) a lot of happiness, but took away beautiful people from our lives too… Life changed a lot within a few months, in the early days of 2016. In January, I left my job, to seek what I want in life. Initially I had come up with plans to go for Post Graduation – just to shut some people up. In February, My husband left his job as a banker, and joined his dream company. That move changed our life changed drastically 🙂 In March we left our comfort zone, and travelled. We came to the conclusion to leave the city where both of us were born and brought up. My husband’s place of work wasn’t a question here, as the company he moved to, is a distributed organization.

We moved to Kochi, from Trivandrum, and it was very welcoming 🙂

I started my preparations for Post Graduation (The GATE Exam, that is). Things weren’t bad, during the initial days. However, over time, I lost my interest in GATE & M.Tech, and I started developing new interests, which slowly grew to become passions. I chose to learn photography , makeup, cooking and even started baking classes, instead of learning random topics in Computer Science. I wish I could explain in words, how satisfying it was! 🙂 I felt happy & blissful, as I kept doing what I love… My husband, as usual, supported my interests.
This year, I realized that following your passions is more important than forcing yourself to satisfy others So, in short, the year 2016 helped me to learn a lot of things:

  • It made me realize who the real and fake people around me were. 🙂
  • As years fly by, pessimists become more pessimistic, no matter how hard you try to make them positive.
  • If you don’t have a job, your value in front of the elder folks in the family goes down to zero! It doesn’t matter if you have had a work experience of over two years in an international organization. If you don’t have a job at the moment, they ridicule you, period. ☝🏽.
  • If you quit your job, people consider it to be a decision that was made as part of your pregnancy! People also tend to assume that you quit your current job, because you have plans to seek another job, or that you have plans to take up higher studies. The possibility that you would quit your job to follow your passions, sounds like nonsense for these people! Yeah, right!
  • People will never accept you if you don’t have a job at the moment.
  • However, If you somehow get a high paying job, the entire situation changes –  they now start welcoming you like a VIP!
  • Even if you are happy with your partner, some people advise you to stay happy. Well, what’s the point in advising someone who is already happy, to be happier? 🙂 I never understood why people keep repeating such ‘advice’!
  • I finally understood that, you will be judged, no matter what you do or say 🙂 I would love to continue doing what I do for the next year as well! Please step away with your valuable advices 🙂

And above all, I chose to quit my job for my family (me n my husband). My family always comes first in my life!

As we end this note, I would like to take a couple of decisions/resolutions for 2017. I am not sure how successful this will turn out to be, but I would still love to try my best! Here goes:

  • Avoid pessimists, if you find one in your family, run for your life! I know, first hand, how much negative influence they can have on your life. These people suck the positivity out of you, and try to make you a pessimist like them.
  • Stay positive no matter what 🙂
  • Love yourself! Always give yourself the first priority.
  • Stop living with the fear of being judged.
  • Read one book per month.
  • Travel a lot❤ Some people travel just to take pictures to show off in social media, and to tick off their ‘bucket lists’, to prove their travel more than the others! Such people spoil the fun of traveling. I have never felt that such people travel to satisfy their heart’s calling – but, just to show off in Social Media!

Memories of 2016 are still fresh in my mind…  I’ll miss you 2016! Thanks for all the wonderful memories…

As I start the year with a lot of hope and positivity, I am quite sure that 2017 will be my best year yet, as well as yours…

Here’s wishing you all a Happy 2017! Have a great year ahead!